Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Today kids, I want to talk about the people's perception of climate change in today's society and the implicated consequences for our planet's future.

... ... ...

Actually no. That's quite a heavy topic for this time of night. But this video pretty much sums it all up. And it's David Mitchell. We all like David Mitchell, don't we. He's clever and says witty things but with very serious undertones.

I've been a gone a while but no fear I shall return to the delights of blogging soon enough! Just need to get some of this work out of the way... who knew doing a Masters would be so treacherous.

But remember:

"Life would be a lot easier if astrology was true and climate change wasn't. But bugger it all, it turns out it's the other way around [...] And if we don't do anything about it there won't be any pudding ... stroke Maldives."

Peace Out. Kermit.